First impressions and shallowism 2.0

(Accidental delete results in a re-write, hence 2.0)
The blasted mold is back. Now, what is even worse is that there are mushrooms growing in my basilica plant! While I have heard of people growing mushrooms (not magic of course…), I honestly did not believe that it “just happened”. 
I have decided to ignore the floral-problem from now. Instead I am focusing on the one sided distance relationship I recently taken up with Hannes-the-hunk (Don’t remember Hannes? Check Workout sanctuary) – he wants me I can tell, but as the situation requires – I am playing hard to get. That does not stop me from seeing him on regular intervals. Workout has once again become a borderline addiction.
People often tell me (in a sort of don’t-mean-anything-bad insult kind of way) that they do not perceive me as particularly fit – in their defence, much of the time I am really not that fit. This is why when going to the gym I always get a bit of an unexpected ego-boost. I am by far and most often much stronger than most of the girls there. True that I pant ridiculously much more, but is that not the unavoidable consequence of proper workout?
But this has got me thinking. As people perceive me as rather unfit, while not really being that unfit (comparatively speaking), how many other attributes am I proscribed solely based on appearance?
Media is very good at telling us what kind of attributes we should associate with particular physical traits. The spaghetti-models, their siblings the asparagus-actors and lets not even mention the (a-generation-ruined-by) the peachy-adult models, tells us all how insufficient and fat absolutely everyone is. The Dove commercial and such tells us it is okay to be a bit obese (but not really to have anything else “wrong” with you). This is a far better approach to include non-media-norm bodies in acceptable “beauty”, but I cannot help wondering if even this have missed the point a bit. Is it not possible to take one step back and not only view individuals as bodies? The media is very good at telling us that slim and beautiful also means intelligent and competent (at least in men – in women it most often is the opposite), if you are fat or something else is “wrong” with you, you are immediately ascribed negative attributes – which is so incredibly disturbing in my eyes. 
Maybe it is human nature, but is it really alright to ascribe non-visual attributes based on appearance? How is it possible that we still cling to this when we so often make the wrong inference? I am wrongly perceived to be unfit, and it is an unsettling thought that just moments after observation everyone has all kinds of ideas of who and what I am solely based on my visual appearance. 

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