You will not find any posts of the sort “10 things to do in Marrakesh” or “What to buy in Puerto Rico” here. If this is what you were looking for I am sorry, google did you a disfavour. The internet is overflowing with poorly addressed advice by travellers, many who never stepped foot outside their front door, and no more such pages are needed. Puzzle pieces in motion is about literary exploration of new experiences and travels, and if this is what you are looking for, look no further. When my friends were buying houses, I spend my money travelling. When my friends were getting stable with careers, I got myself a job in Academia allowing me to travel on work hours. When my friends got married and started having children I asked myself “where should I go next?”. Life is about making sacrifices, one just has to decide what we cannot live without and what we can, and I early made my decision. 

Since becoming an “adult” I have been living in three different countries, I have visited 37 different countries and numerous times returned to the places I love. I climb mountains, go diving and am pretty much up for any challenge you throw at me. You ask: “how I afford it?” Frankly, I can’t, but moving a lot has given me friends all over the world, I have a job that “on occasion” pays for my business trips and my budget lifestyle allows me to spend money where it matters – on the road! 

Under this section you can find the posts that I have written while being “elsewhere” as well as some of the videos I have made during my travels. Join me!