Art Gallery

Creation is ultimately about whatever you want it to be. If you have a message – good for you. If you are simply scribbling away – just as fine! Like with writing, my art lies somewhere in between. They may have some meaning if you are open to it, or they may really not. Don’t overthink it!

Lately, I have been thinking more in terms of collections, art capturing a similar style, a similar message. If you are curious have a look below.

Misunderstood Monsters

Misunderstood is a feminist take on some of the legends and stories in which too often women have been a marginalised group.

1. Medusa is traditionally seen as an evil antagonist in many of the Greek myths, but an alternative perspective was offered by the Roman poet Ovid. In his version, Medusa was a beauty who after being raped by Poseidon in Athena’s Temple was disfigured by Athena due to jealousy of her beauty (a classic example of some freaky victim-blaming)…

2. is a German myth of the “scorned woman seeking revenge on all men” clich√©. After having been betrayed by her lover, Lorelei was condemned for bewitching men and sentenced to a nunnery. On her way there she ‘fell’ from the (now) Lorelei cliff into the river Rheine. Since then she is said to, like a siren, luring sailors to their death by having them crash into the cliff.

3. In Slavic tradition Baba Yaga is the witch in the woods, the boogieman. She lives in a house with chicken legs, flies around in a mortar (pretty random, and awesome! ) and eats children. However, in many ways, she is the ultimate symbol for the trope of a wise old woman turned into a witch. In most fairytales the only room for older women there appears to be is if they are evil. What kind of message does that send kids growing up to be old? Let’s make it cool to be a wise old woman!

Lost Little Robots

Lost Little Robots is more than an art project. Right now I am working on gathering the ideas and short stories for an illustrated collection. Which illustrations and which stories get a place in the volume remains to see, but I gathered some of the illustrations here and some more thoughts can be found in the menu.

Sea surrealism

I often say that if I could redo my studies I would do marine biology. Fascinated by sea creatures and the absurd, I started painting surreal depictions of water.

Pretty (in the) dark

When I was doing my PhD I was often using Art as an outlet to deal with the overwhelming stress. While I found the art I created during this time to be quite inspired, it is undeniably rather gloomy.

Simply Sensual

Most of these are pretty old, but by theme, they feel undeniably connected to one another.

Gifts and commissioned work

Sometimes you want to give something special to people, so you paint them something. Other times, someone else wants to give something special to someone else, and they ask me to help out. These are some of the pictures I painted but no longer have any access to.