“Tuff tuff”, says the train into the uncertain

(Written on no-Internet Friday morning)  

Yesterday evening as I entered the apartment after a day of productive work (I have absolutely no time for not being productive anymore) I was completely love-bombarded! On top of me a furry, little monster was jumping and kissing my hands when I reached down to say hello. Jumping around me with so much excitement and affection, I got the feeling that I was a long lost friend finally reunited with (most amazing moment this week!). Of course, I had never seen the dog in my life. It is quite ingenious how humans have managed to breed a species whose sole purpose is to love us. Quite ironic considering how prone humans are to “non-loving”, I guess that is why we delegated it to something else.    

Sitting once again on a train (echo echo echo) I am not doing much loving either. It is six o’clock in the morning – which by definition means that everything is horrible. I had to run to the train station – yet at arrival realise I am fifteen minutes early. I have already finished my thermos with coffee without feeling any less mentally bruised. The toilet mirror revealed a new (huge!) wrinkle – seriously hoping that that one is temporary… At 2.36 this “morning” I woke up in panic to check that I had not overslept, only to notice the SMS from my father (send 00.17) that his morning flight was cancelled (good luck Norwegian pilot strike). Information keeping me awake for longer than the “checking-the-time-in-the-middle-of-the-night”-panic originally would have caused.  

Sleep deprived, with caffeine withdrawal and feeling surprisingly joyous (my doctor roommate told me sleep deprivation is an actual treatment for chronic depression) I am sitting on a train to Prague without knowing whether or not I will be able to see my father as planned. He in turn is heading for the airport – without a ticket, hoping to, an hour before scheduled departure, be able to buy another one as the counters open. Crazy uncertainties of the weekend’s events lies ahead. Either according to plans, a pleasant trip with my father exploring (once more) Prague commences, or I get to have a luxury work-weekend on a hotel far above my own price-range – I’m thinking sauna bathing…   

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