Like meeting an old lover 

I’m back in a rainy Germany, back in Osnabrück, a place I jojo-moved to during my studies in my mid 20ies. Despite being a place where strangers became friends the city carry the melancholy touch of loneliness. Here is where important things ended and where terrible things started. Where parts of me died and where parts of me where born. Now in my early 30’s I am a very different person.

Osnabrück is a beautiful little German town and my mind walk before my feet, picturing the city before my eyes perceive it. I walk the streets not with a passionate nostalgia, but with an apathetic reminiscence. It is like running into an old lover that now is mostly forgotten, the feelings never deep enough in the first place to linger. You know where the scars are. But they no longer mean anything to you, surrendered to someone else to tend to.

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