Visit from far away

Visiting from far away for a weekend was . After the mandatory: “these are the mountains, this is the city, this is pizza and beer and wine and apfel strudel”, we spend the late nights drinking (not nearly enough) Limoncello, Amaretto (cause yuck!), talking of intimate nonsense that, as it was put, you speak of best with borderline strangers. Only it felt like we’ve known each other forever. We are similar. Far more so than I realised the first, and last, time I saw him and the similarity fills me with a strange sense of false familiarity.

Music choice is familiar. Over and over songs from my own playlists are started by other soul. Both l’enfant unique, both a merge of atheist and religious upbringing, both fairly unhappy yet acceptingly content. Both hunting purpose in travel and nature and hopes for the future.

Reluctantly he admits his love for someone taken. In turn I tell him about once loving someone partly against their will, mostly against mine, and how today love is like a coffee break. Dark, deep and delicious, only too short. Soon life will call all of us back to our workstations. No more cake for Puzzle Pieces and for the time being coffee will appropriately have to be drunk bitterly black. And just like that… its back to ‘getting your sh*t together’.

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