Enjoying a moment

Mt Everest is 8,848 m high, the Mariana trench is 10,994 m deep. Does that mean that our frame of reference is higher than it is low? Or is the depths by which we can sink simply lower than the heights by which we can climb?

I am watching the sunset over Stockholm’s suburbs hidden behind the trees growing on the rocky hill I am sitting on. It is one of the best things about Sweden, that the sun takes its time saying goodbye. There is no rush to finish potential romantic kisses, no worries on how to find the path in the dark nor any worry that you won’t have time to finish that blog post.

It is a sensation of the senses in which the warmth of the sun is mixed with the cold breeze. Sitting here, I recall the days, weeks, months past in which I have been thinking about the fabrication of happiness. Some say that happiness is a recipe made from the satisfactory presence of three components: meaningful social relationships, mastery of one’s work or passion and autonomy to choose one’s path. For the time being, I feel like I am in a suboptimal position for each of those components and I have been wondering what in my power I can do to change their outlook.

But a setting sun offers no real answers, only sensational pleasure. But perhaps to simply enjoy the moment is the best answer when it all comes down to it.

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