Bucket List Checking: Dave Matthew in Prague

After half a lifetime of anticipation, after lost and regained hopes, after forgetting and remembering, after approximately fifteen years, there were only minutes remaining. I was sitting in Forum Karlin, Prague, waiting for a Dave Matthews concert.

Earlier that morning, during Hotel breakfast, I had chatted with an Italian youngster on what we both were doing in the city. When I told him I was there for a Dave Matthews concert he looked at me puzzled and with a sort of justifying nod I told him that Dave Matthew was huge 15 years ago… Basically almost before he was born. The boy looked at me in silence. God! I felt old… Yet true enough, sitting in the concert hall people belonged, much to my expectation, in the age range between 30 and 45, no millennial present, and me and my joining friend played the game of spotting the youngest person around. With the exception of a few children there were no people obviously younger than us.

As me and  sat down, the guy to our right started up a conversation basically saying how he was dead sure he bought the tickets we had (the better seats), in good humour I told him I was pretty sure I had indeed bought them as well and as the number of my tickets spoke in my favour nothing could be done about it. He follow up the conversation with how boring the concert style of Dave Matthew is, that he is too American by saying too many stupid things. I felt my irritation growing. Not wanting the man’s attitude ruining my long expected evening I did my best to ignore him.

What followed was a mediocre concert. There is no denying it. The sound system was definitely on the low end, the lighting and the scene setting was cool enough, but it was a small spectacle with only Dave Matthew and Tim Reynolds each playing a guitar. I would not have minded a few more comments from Dave Matthew as the few “too-american-stories” he brought up were hilarious and with a bit more elaboration could have been a highlight of the evening. The mediocracy of the evening did not impede how awesome it was! As the music started playing with some familiar songs and a few that I never heard, I found myself filled with that strange emotional apathy that at the same time cannot be denied to exist. I was not ‘moved’ in an euphoric sense, no blood rushed through my body, no extreme joy overwhelmed me, but during Space Between a tear or two escaped my eye, making me wondering if perhaps I had overdone my eyeliner.

Tim Reynolds and Dave Matthew

Much to my frustration the guy to my right – now described as the fat bald guy, kept drinking beer after beer and during the concert he talked with his hairy midget of a friend. Not only me expressed frustration at this, but everyone around were visible disturbed, but they cared not. I repeatedly made angry faces at them in combination with hand gestures hoping that some level of decency would arrive in their behaviour.

As I sat there bothered, I started planning my grand revenge. With a smile it was to be executed like this: “Dear gentlemen, it has been a great privilege to sit next to the most obnoxious concertgoers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I sincerely hope that with the amount of beer you’ve consumed you piss yourselves in your sleep. Enjoy you evening.” And victorious I saw myself walking away. As though twice insulted the men left early from the concert, not staying for the two encores, leaving me alone in my frustration and happy I’d finally could enjoy the last moments without their bothersome attitude.

Now that I have checked another item of my bucket list I had a serious “think” about it. Greeting me is a rather underwhelming list as I could only think of three items that have not already been accomplished or scratched from my list: one mostly impossible, one rather unnecessary and one which I have no control over. Perhaps it is to early to build a bucket list at 30, but for once I thought that having a bit of foresight might be a good investment… Now it appears as I have some serious thinking to do to fill it with half a lifetime’s worth of ‘checkboxes’. If you readers have any suggestions, please leave a comment! 🙂 

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